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Crespur Energy is a HUB-certified company providing oil and gas consulting, general contracting, information technology services, and management consulting to government and private companies.

Our leadership team comes from diverse backgrounds and brings a wealth of experience to our company. Our team members have worked in various relevant sectors for some of the largest consulting organizations, technology companies, and government agencies. We offer great value to our clients by utilizing cutting-edge technologies while focusing on minimizing the overall cost impact of implementing new technologies. Our core business practices are built around attaining and perfecting our expertise in the latest front-line engineering and technology services, and we strive to keep ourselves in the innovative end of the technology scene.

Our small business methodology provides excellent significance through sustainable solutions, technical know-how, superior service, and flexibility. Crespur Energy prides itself on its ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and its readiness to provide unique solutions to business needs in both private and public sectors.

Our Values

At Crespur Energy, we are dedicated and focused on customer satisfaction. Our team has created and continually promoted a small business culture dedicated to serving its clients with excellence, integrity, and high client satisfaction. We believe excellence requires that each work product and delivered module meets or exceeds our client’s expectations and value. Integrity is the basis for all our relationships with clients, partners, and suppliers; developing an environment of honesty and trust. Our employees are committed to exceeding our clients’ and partners’ expectations and satisfaction.

Core Values

Integrity | Technical Excellence | Quality of Service | Safety | Client Satisfaction


At Crespur Energy we strive to provide client satisfaction through technical excellence. We aim to deliver outstanding Engineering, Information Technology, and Business Management Solutions to become the most trusted provider of these professional services by delivering expert insight and quality results to consistently help clients accomplish their goals while exceeding customer expectations.


Crespur Energy's vision is to be the leading small business; Engineering, Information technology, and Business management services solution provider in the United States of America. Our Clients are our most valuable assets, and we are committed to serving their needs. Through our professional expertise, we guide and support our clients in making a global presence.



Oil and Gas Consulting

Crespur Energy offers comprehensive oil and gas consulting services, specializing in onsite completions consulting across conventional and unconventional plays globally. With a focus on enhancing production efficiency and maximizing wellbore potential, Crespur Energy is a trusted partner in the energy sector.


Onsite Completions Consulting: Crespur Energy's expertise lies in providing onsite completions consulting services. This involves the design, planning, and execution of completion operations for both conventional and unconventional plays. The company's seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge to optimize the completion process, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency in extracting hydrocarbons from reservoirs.

Global Presence:

Crespur Energy operates on a global scale, catering to oil and gas projects around the world. Whether it's a conventional field or an unconventional play, the company's consultants are equipped to navigate diverse geological and operational challenges. This international approach allows Crespur Energy to contribute its expertise to a wide range of projects, making it a go-to partner for energy companies globally.

Production Optimization:

In addition to onsite completions consulting, Crespur Energy is committed to production optimization efforts. This includes workover operations, recompletions, and exploring well upside potentials. Through these activities, the company aims to enhance the overall productivity of oil and gas assets. By leveraging advanced techniques and technologies, Crespur Energy seeks to maximize production rates and extend the economic life of wells.


Wellbore Natural Resources: Crespur Energy goes beyond conventional methods by actively exploring wellbore natural resources. The company identifies and taps into additional wellbore potentials, unlocking new reservoirs and extracting valuable natural resources. This forward-thinking approach ensures that clients benefit not only from existing reserves but also from untapped opportunities within their wells.


Commitment to Sustainability: Crespur Energy is dedicated to conducting its operations with a strong emphasis on sustainability. The company recognizes the importance of responsible resource extraction and works towards minimizing environmental impact. By integrating sustainable practices into its consulting services, Crespur Energy aligns with the evolving standards of the energy industry.


Crespur Energy stands as a reliable partner in the oil and gas sector, offering a comprehensive suite of consulting services that span from onsite completions to production optimization. With a global presence and a commitment to sustainability, Crespur Energy continues to contribute to the success of energy projects worldwide.

Government Contracting

Crespur Energy offers a full spectrum of engineering support services for challenging projects. Our core engineering services include:

  • Facility Management

  • Planning and Design

  • Field Services

  • Energy Services

  • Electrical/Mechanical design

  • HVAC design

  • Electronics Services

  • Maintenance support services

  • Oil & Gas Services

  • Human Machine Interface

  • Programmable Logic Controller

  • Prototype Design

  • Product Analysis

  • Process Control

  • Shipboard Repairs and Maintenance

  • Oil spill disaster management

  • Environmental damage assessment, mitigation and rehabilitation to meet global industry standards.

Man with Laptop

IT Infrastructure Consulting and

Crespur Energy is also focus on helping its clients develop critical software applications that can proffer valuable technological solutions to mankind. We provide solutions that can reduce cost, mitigate risks and facilitate compliance. The technical knowledge and expertise of our professionals help organizations make informed decisions to reach IT objectives. We can ensure at the start of the project that we will safely deliver the product to completion. Our services include:

  • DevOps consulting

  • Database Administration & Support

  • Architecture Solutions

  • Database Design, Development & Maintenance

  • Network Administration

  • Information Assurance

  • IT Project Management

  • Information Security Strategy

  • Cloud Server builds & Configurations

  • Network Security

  • Linux system Administration

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Hosted Desktops

  • Outsourced IT Support

  • Proactive Monitoring

  • Remote Backup

  • IT Training




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